Jurie Erwee: CEO
Jurie Erwee: CEO Marsh Africa

Kapela have at all times displayed great energy and professionalism as well as sound ethical behaviour at the highest level.  Kapela also bring a wealth of experience as seasoned business management consultants and have added significant value to our business in many areas.  They have assisted in shaping our strategy in pitching for large corporate business, Government and parastatals.  Their breadth of experience across different business sectors has been invaluable.

Kapela Investments have proved to be excellent partners who have assisted in adding focus towards achieving some important strategic objectives.

Sameer Khan: Acting CEO
Sameer Khan: Acting CEO GL events SA

During the past 12 months we introduced Kapela as our Black Empowerment partner in all our advisory businesses. Our relationship with the company and its directors has always been excellent. We have found them to be extremely helpful in growing the business and in solving problems that were new to us. Additionally the directors have always shown a high standards of professionalism and integrity and have gone out of their way to ensure that they add value to our relationship.

Pieter Nel: CEO
Pieter Nel: CEO ATC Africa

Kapela became a shareholder of ATCSA in January 2011. At shareholder and board level, our dealing with Kapela reflect the highest level of trust, integrity and professionalism. Kapela has supported ATCSA’s operational business in a constructive manner and provided assistance in specific situations by leveraging their reputation and experience to assist me and my team in dealing with challenging and complex matters. We have found the Kapela team easy to work with, constructive in their support and able to understand and manage their involvement in our day-to-day business in a manner where it adds value. Kapela is always well prepared for meetings with ATCSA.

Werner Janse van Vuuren: GM-Director
Werner Janse van Vuuren: GM-Director SPX Flow Technology

On Professionalism/Ethics/Integrity: From the very first time we engaged with Kapela we could very quickly determine the level of professionalism in their conduct. The teams’ experience and exposure to business locally and globally also lends to this credibility.

On Value Add: Apart from BBBEE compliance point, this is our second most important metric in selecting a partner. We are looking for value-add from a business experience perspective, “sound-boarding” and also entry to potential customers. Thus far, Kapela has delivered on all areas. We have good chemistry and thus far, very easy to do business with, available for discussions at all times – always make time for us

Harish Lala: Regional Head, Africa & Middle East
Harish Lala: Regional Head, Africa & Middle East Zensar Technologies

Zensar and Kapela joined hands together in 2013 with Kapela becoming our Black Economic Empowerment partner in our South Africa business. We have started working together and find the team very professional in their approach. We find them very interested in our strategy and in business development efforts in order to identify areas wherein they can help us grow the business. We have seen the value-add from them in terms of guidance and also in terms of bringing new relationships and making introductions. Though a new relationship, they have shown a strong level of participation and preparedness in our board meetings also and we see a strong sense of involvement, ownership and commitment from the directors and Kapela as an organization in helping us in our business


Carel Coetzee: Chief Executive Officer
Carel Coetzee: Chief Executive Officer XON

It is hard to believe that we only met them for the first time 8 months ago if one considers the relationships that have been established, both professionally and socially. I can recommend them for their integrity, professionalism, business acumen, experience and professional network in industry. We look forward to taking the Company to the next level with our new business partner Kapela.


Ashley Cohen: Chief Executive Officer
Ashley Cohen: Chief Executive Officer CQS

Kapela is a unique empowerment partner with an ability to deliver what they promise. We have benefited from their strategic input and their extensive networks in both the public and private sectors.

In addition to assisting us in the search for executive level staff, they are also working closely with us on the identification and pursuit of strategic opportunities and acquisitions.


Kemp Munnik: BDO Head of Advisory Services
Kemp Munnik: BDO Head of Advisory Services BDO

BDO entered into an agreement with Kapela Holdings, a majority black-owned investment company which has purchased 30% of BDO South Africa Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd – the company through which we conduct all our non-audit related assignments. The transaction was effective 1 January 2011. Not only is Kapela our black empowerment partner, but they also add value to our company on an ongoing basis without interfering with management and are people of high integrity. The most important factor which has come through since our dealing with them is the values they subscribe to

Telephone: +27 (0) 11 488 1850 Cell: +27 (0) 83 630 8389 Email: kmunnik@bdo.co.za