BP Southern Africa

Kapela Holdings and its partner DEC (Disability Empowerment Concerns Trust) have concluded a major business transaction with the global energy giant BP’s local subsidiary, BP Southern Africa. BP finds, extracts and refines oil and gas and develops advanced Bio fuels, distributes the finished products through its retail networks country and Africa-wide. BP products include BP Marine, Air BP, BP Chemicals as well as BP Petroleum, BP Wax, BP bitumen, and services such as BP energy management. Israel Skosana, Kapela Executive Chairman, and Fatima Abrahams will represent Kapela and it’s partners on the board of BP Southern Africa.

DEC is an empowerment broad based investment trust with over two million people with disabilities as beneficiaries (at least 85% are black and 50% are women). Kapela is a majority black owned and managed private equity firm. Kapela acquired a 20% +1 share and the BPSA Education Foundation acquired 5% of BPSA’s shares.

Mr Israel Skosana, KAPELA Executive Chairman says:  “We are excited to be a shareholder in BP South Africa.  The acquisition of 20% + 1 share is a significant investment for us. We are looking forward to partnering with the BPSA Education Foundation as shareholders, other members of the board of directors and management of BP South Africa in creating value for all relevant stakeholders.